Saturday, 19 December 2009

Peoplestring, Fastest way to make money online!!!

What is peoplestring?

PeopleString 'Where You Own the Web'. It is the new wave in relationship and social communities; it has the Creativity, Culture, Expressive Forums and places to meet new people and network; but now it combines all that with giving you a share in the revenues that are created by the users of the website.
The 'other' social sites keep all of the money for themselves and never give any to their users. They are making millions off of your actions and keeping it all. PeopleString shares the revenues that are generated by its members. This is unique for online social communities. Who other than PeopleString gives its members back 70% of the revenues?

In additions to the online community, what do you get? Self-Destructing Email, Email Tracking and you can aggregate your other Email Accounts. Video Emails, Contact Management. Web based IM: AOL, YAHOO. GTALK &MSN with Self Destructing feature, 1 on 1 Video Conferencing, Cash Back Shopping, Share Ad/ Search Revenue, Mailbox Cash.

How do you get started? Sign Up for your PeopleString account for free and take a short survey. This will position you to share in revenue. PeopleString members get higher payouts when they upgrade to the entrepreneurs package. As long as you are an active member, which means all you need to do is login once a month, you get Paid!!!

Oh, if you refer your friends and family and they make money. You make money! The PeopleString technology creates a digital link for life between users.

So, are you online interacting on social sites, sending emails, clicking on ads? Then why not get paid for what you are doing? So, go ahead and join PeopleString and start making money on the internet. Whether you want to make a few friends, extra money or a second income you can find it all at PeopleString.


1. $ 1.53 immediately after registration.
2. $ 0.50 for every friend you invite to join.
3. Commission from every friend in your group up to level 6: 20% (direct referral) and (6% level) for 2-6 entrepreneur member, 5% (direct referral) and 2% (level 2-6) for free member.

How to get these benefits?
Easy way. You sign up for free and then invite some friends to join as a friend again in the People String. You will be amazed at the growth of the group in some time later. Yesterday my friend and follow the online training seminar held by People String. I see there are already tens of thousands of dollar can only invite 10 friends only. 10 friends that invite their friends and their friends invite friends again … in a few months there were over 40 thousand friends. So “work” in the People String very, very lightly, but the potential for huge … incomenya really huge! Unbelievable.

Where People String collecting money?
Browse String paid by companies or employers who advertise. The ads are distributed by the People String via mail (postal mail) and e-mail (electronic mail), and mounted directly on the website People String.

Mail and email sent to the member. The amount depends on member demand. Questioner at the time said you set yourself how many letters and emails that you accept every day. Letters and emails will not need to read (not mandatory). Decide for yourself whether you want to read or not. So there is absolutely no additional burden here; different payment schemes for reading emails commonly known in which you should read the emails that go.

Difficult process of registration?

Absolutely not. Copy / paste this link into your browser


follow these steps:

1. Click Sign up now.
2. Fill in your username.
3. For a free list select Free Account.
4. Fill out the form.
5. Login.
6. Click Mailbox Cashbox.
7. Click Take your survey.
8. Answered the survey.
9. Done.

Answering the survey may be somewhat inconvenient for readers who do not understand English. If so do one of the following options:

stain only arbitrarily because whatever you stain has no effect on your income. This survey is meant to know the circumstances and interests so that People can send a string to target ads appropriately.

A few weeks after the registration letter will come to your house that contains a code (code). Use this code to enable it to begin the process flow of Dollars into your account. Follow the prompts. After that letter and email will flow to the mailbox / mailbox and Dollars flowed passively into your account. Make a special email just to People String. Use Gmail, Yahoo because yahoo do not often get interference.

How do I add friends in the People String?

This was an easy matter. How many of you have a friend on Facebook or other social community? Encourage them to-do get together again in the new space …. relaxed, chatting … can dhuit. You can also do promotions with a variety of ways.
Changing habits into money

If you’re on Facebook you have a habit of socializing virtually (via the virtual world). If you have an email address, you certainly used to read email. If your home is often receive the mail … it was a regular. But the habits that would not make money for you.

Browse String change habits that become money. Act and prove it yourself now! Act and prove himself now.

Maybe you will ask “how do I collect money and peoplestring can provide income to the members?”. The answer, peoplestring will receive revenue from more advertising with them the more famous sites. Try to imagine how the current earnings facebook (but unfortunately they do not share it for the member who made them famous as now … right?).

All this is very simple and easy to implement. Only a few will be required. Success must have for all


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